The Pick-Up-Artists

2014, University of Applied Sciences Würzburg

An illustration class about gender studies. This course was dedicated to gender issues in general as well as to very particular gender-related discussions: Putin's fear of homo sexuals. France's fear of gay marriages. Pussy Riot's and Femen's way of mixing sexual protest with a debate on feminism. 4-year-old girls tucking toy cars in doll blankets. 4-year-old boys wanting to wear skirts. Bradley Edward Manning who is now called Chelsea. Burka wearing women being forced into marriage. More ambitious parts for female soap opera actors. And do tall men have to be strong and small men funny, or vice versa? Where and when is a man allowed to cry? We look at gender studies using illustration methods. What can illustration add to the discussion? How can we visualize what is fought about? And what is the illustrator's opinion after all?