Selbsthändig available as eBook

Now also available as an eBook, published by Stiebner Verlag: My book about how to become an illustrator "Selbsthändig - Traumberuf Illustrator". Available at Amazon, iTunes, Google Play for your Kindle, iphone, ipad and many more...

Exhibition in Montpellier - 36 Mountains

My 36 Mountains drawings will be shown at the Le Mats Gallery in Montpellier. The show opens 18th January, 7 PM and is running from 19. 1. til 31. 1. 2013.

Galerie Le Mat
3 rue Voltaire - Place Saint Roch
4 000 Montpellier - France

36 MOUNTAINS is curated by Jelena Bando and Guilhem Monceaux and is a drawing project gathering 24 artists around a unique format: a concertina notebook. Many thanks to you guys.

Talk in Frankfurt

Pop-Up Lectures at Club Michel
Exhibition by Anne Vagt, Figure 8 Mix Tape DJ
SA 13. October 2012

At the end of the one-day Pop-Up fair, Shake Your Tree will showcase their newest issue of the SYT-Edition to the Frankfurt audience. After a short introduction into the edition, Rabea Edel will read parts of SYT nr. 5., which she conceived together with the artist Anne Vagt. In addition to the fair Anne Vagt shows abstract pencil drawings, cepictures and works form a fanzine about the „Mall of America“. Manuel Bürger plays touching music from the biggest metropolises around the world.

Workshop in Dornbirn

"Visualize Ideas" - Impulse Lecture at Design Forum Vorarlberg
26.9.2013 One Day Workshop
Reserve your ticket here:

[Update] Because of so many people asked to take part I will give an additional workshop on 27.9.2013

Workshop in Hamburg

»The Joy of Graphic Design«
1st international Graphic Design Festival in Hamburg
28 – 30/09/12

"didactica magna - the tutorial reader" One-Day-Workshop 29/09/12

with: Florian Bayer, Sebastian Haslauer and Manuel Bürger (Shake Your Tree Publishing), Jonas Natterer (Neon Magazin) as DJ Indesign
including: visual thinking, spontanious conception, analogue design, presentation

Everyone has his special skills and geeky knowledge. Even more important: Everyone is sharing his wisdom on all ways of today's distribution. It's the age of the tutorial. And as the tutorial was a key back in the days for the birth of fanzines, we celebrate the diy tutorial with a one night workshop at the Joy of Graphic Design Festival. We put togehter a analogue diy zine about all the secret knowledge of our participants. The reader was copied and bounded in the night and the participants performed their part in five minute presentations.

“The Killing of Gemma” is published in the “Secret Grimm Files”

I had the pleasure to team up with the wonderful writer Rabea Edel for „The Secret Grimm Files“ project. I illustrated her variation about Mother Hulda (Frau Holle) with a reportage about the disappearance of a British TV actress and a found body in the East End canal. When I made a walk at the canal I found myself in the crime scene with the forensic team – so I made some sketches on location and finished them in the studio.

The book is in German and available through Amazon. It was already book of the day at SpiegelOnline.

Hardcover: 224 pages
Publisher: Das Wilde Dutzend
Language: German
ISBN-10: 3981525205
ISBN-13: 978-3981525205

New Fanzine: ISLE OF ZIGGY

In order to celebrate the existence of the handsome Ziggy Stardust Lin (also known as Lodown-mascot / loyal companion / chinese crested hairless dog / sustaining men lover / Rommel / Keule / Nudist etc.), Yue-Shin Lin made a fanzine to honor whom honor is due. It's a tribute from friends to the little fellow, to show the beauty and the beast of the one and only Ziggy. Big honor to be one of the contributors next to Marok, Alejandro Almanza Pereda, Alexis Zavialoff, Newskooldisplay, Forty, Skism, Akiko Watanabe, Renko Heuer and many many more.

First edition 2012
60 pages, color print, DIN A5, recycling paper, 83g
limited edition of 333 copies, hand numbered
€ 7,00
incl. tax, plus shipping


Pictures from the Degree Show

Here we go with loads of pictures by my students at the degree show which took place lately in the new building of the University of Applied Sciences in Würzburg.

For this course I asked my illustration class to reinvent old painting masters's classics. Remix them or make up a story, play around with forms or digg deeply into their biographies. It's worth having a look at the results:

Semesterausstellung FH Würzburg

Illustration von Alex Kowalski aus dem Buch "Tod und Mädchen" (Ausschnitt)

Seit diesem Semester hat unsere Hochschule ein neues Zuhause. Unser Neubau steht mitten in grünen Wiesen mit Ausblick auf's Tal. Diese Woche feiern wir also Premiere mit unserer ersten Semesterausstellung am neuen Ort.

Meine Illustatorenklasse zeigt ihre Arbeiten zum Projekt "Alte Meister - Neue Werke": Eine Hommage an die Werke der Kunstgeschichte -  mit einer Bandbreite, die vom Stillleben-Rezeptbuch über die illustrierte Biographie bis hin zum Dada-Tarot reicht. Inklusive einem 420seitigen Experimentierbuch. Zudem geben die Erstsemester-Zeichner einen spannenden Einblick in ihre Skizzenbücher. Bilder der Ausstellung folgen.

FH Würzburg, Am Hubland, Sanderheinrichsleitenweg 20. Geöffnet am Freitag, 10. Februar von 14:00 – 19:00 und am Samstag ,11. Februar von 10:00 bis 17:00. Verabschiedung der Absolventen am Freitag, 10.Februar ab 19:00.

Dossier about travelling ethically correct

For  the German travel magazine Geo Saison I illustrated the dossier with the topic „How to travel ethically correct?“: a first page and five full doublespreads. How should we behave as independent travellers in foreign countries? Should we take the offered but forbidden corals as a gift? Should we give our money to the begging streetkids - or is a biro enough – or is it best to give nothing at all? Geo Saison tries to answer those questions and many more.

You can order the November issue (No. 11) of Geo Saison here. Unfortunately it's not bilingual – only German.