Shake Your Tree at Kunstverein Hamburg

We are invited to take part at the carfully selected GuteSeiten Zine Fair at Kunstervein Hamburg.

This is the opening for the GuteSeiten Magazine of the Year Award and the Reading Room. The GuteSeiten-Award is the first international award for fanzines and short-run magazines. The exhibition presents a collection of very special and rare magazines in the fields of art, photography, comic, illustration, design, architecture, urbanism and erotic. The jury will announce the "Magazine of the year" during the Live-Magazine-Show on Friday, March 5, 2010, 8 pm.

GuteSeiten Zine Fair: 02.03.2010, 5 pm
GuteSeiten Reading Room: 03.03. - 14.03.2010, Tu – Su 12 am – 6 pm

Der Kunstverein
Klosterwall 23
20095 Hamburg

New Landjäger Issue

Over the last year I became a  regular contributor to the Austrian DIY-zine “Landjäger”. We just released the latest issue. Bigger and better than ever. With Anna Hilti, Samuell Bell, Christian Feurstein and many more. This time I did some landscape drawing, but in a graphic novel way. I had the pleasure to work with the text of a 77 year-old lady from the Austrian mountains.

You can order the magazine online at for 4 Euros plus shipping

116 pages, 21 x 28 cm, 1C Offset, ISSN 2070-2655, Landjäger Magazine

Please remember: The Degree Show in Wuerzburg starts today!

Degree Show

An illustration of Annelie Mundt from the illustration class.

Since October last year I have been a lecturer at my old university in Würzburg. I am giving courses in drawing and illustration and was lucky to get some very talented and inspiring  students. It is great to see their developing of skills and projects. We will present the books and illustrations at the upcoming Degree Show.

Friday, 5.2.2010, 14:00 - 19:00
Saturday, 6.2.2010, 10:00 - 17:00

University of Applied Science
Fachhochschule Würzburg-Schweinfurt
Münzstrasse 12
97070 Würzburg

The Big Book of Contemporary Illustration

I am featured in this visual catalogue of contemporary drawing and illustration practice. It was published recently by Anova Books and compiles international contemporary artists & illustrators. It’s not a 'show-and-tell' book but more of a visual source for creatives to dip into and gain insight as well as inspiration for their own work. Thanks to Martin Dawber for this feature.

400 pages, £20.00
ISBN: 9-781-9063-8831-7
Anova Books,

Book Signing in Leipzig

Just a quick note:

You will find me tomorrow on the Comic Festival at the Moritzbastei in Leipzig. I will present my book “Selbsthändig” and do a book signing. Starting at 12am at the stand of the Illustratoren Organisation.

If you happen to be in Leipzig, come around!

Leipziger Comicfest, Sa 29.08.2009 10:00-20:00, Moritzbastei, Universitätsstraße 9, Leipzig

Poses For Eternity is published

Everybody has some pictures in their mind when it comes to famous moves that musicians have created on stage. Everybody knows the Moonwalk (and if however you managed to forget it your memory surely has been refreshed in the last couple of days) - and several more. I teamed up with Andreas Feuerstein (text) and we made a series about famous moves everybody has stuck in their head. As the new issue of Landjäger is devoted to your physical exercises - "Poses For Eternity" is a part of it and has been published this week.

You can order the magazine online at landjä for 4 Euros plus shipping. The launch party is on Saturday, 25th July 2009.

The Last Bagonalist

I took part in a small exhibition over the 1st of May, located in my old university. In honour of Nicolai Sarafov his former students – all now succesful illustrators – created a wide range of illustrated portraits of their former professor. The show opened on the evening of his farewell party. 33 years of teaching illustration in his very own special way at the University of Applied Sciences Würzburg have now come to an end.

He was a helpful companion on several of my student works and gave me helpful advice for “Selbsthändig”. Above all it was great to get in touch with the sophisticated spirit of Bagonalism ("Wogegen bist du dafür?") and his pioneer. Cheers Nicolai!

Also one of the contributers: Marco Wagner. Check out his great work.

Landjäger - The Beermat Issue

Look what the postman brought today. The new issue of the Landjäger Magazine straight from Austria in which I once again had the honour to take part in. When I got the briefing in the first place I thougt: Is it cool or more weird than cool? A magazine made out of beermats? I have to say it's really great! It seems as if they are made for magazines. Once again Landjäger features some great pictures and wise words. And can you remember the last time you could choose your favourite illustration from a magazine and have it with your favourite pint of beer?

Above, my beermat illustration: An ordinary good old English pub. But something has happened.

You can order it here for 2 Euros plus shipping.

ART likes Freistil

"Die vierte Ausgabe des Illustrationsjahrbuchs Freistil beweist Mut zur Reduktion und präsentiert nur schwarzweiße Illustrationen." art am 17. 4. 2009

Irit Bahle sprach für art, das Kunstmagazin mit Herausgeber Raban Ruddigkeit über den Beruf des Illustrators, die Stärken gezeichneter Bilder und die Zukunft der Illustration. Raban äußert darin seine aktuellen Forderungen an die Illustration: "Wir haben in den letzten Jahren einen handwerklichen Schub erlebt. Es gibt sehr viele tolle Arten der Umsetzung. Woran es mangelt, sind die guten Ideen. Es fehlt der Mumm, freche, radikale, böse, emotionale Ideen zu haben und auch umzusetzen. Vieles von dem, was man zurzeit sieht, ist reine Oberfläche. Eine Illustration fängt dann an stark zu sein, wenn eine gute Idee dahinter steckt. Dazu gehört eine gute Ausbildung, dazu gehört aber vor allem auch eine ganze Menge Mut beim Einzelnen."

Komplettes Interview auf

Featured Interview in Freistil Black

My interview with star illustrator David Foldvari has now been published in English.

Lately a great book about illustration has hit the market which gives you the chance to read one of the interviews I have conducted for my book “Selbsthändig” in English. As a preview of “Selbsthändig” it features some of my illustrations and a big part of the interview I did with Dave.

Editor Raban Ruddigkeit calls Freistil Black “the biennial of European commercial illustration in book form” and is also showing his daring by using only black and white works for this year‘s issue of Freistil. Printed in six colours, including lacquer and extra black!

Euro 39,80
ISBN 978-3-87439-769-8,