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Portraits of failing sportstars in their tearful moments.
Above: Cristiano Ronaldo, 4th Juli 2004, Lisbon. UEFA European Championship, Finale. Portugal looses 0-1 against Greece.

Carsten Janker, 26th May 1999, Barcelona. Champions League Final. Bayern München looses against Manchester United through two goals during additional time.

Paul Gascoigne, 4th July 1990, Turino. FIFA World Cup, Semi final. Gascoigne receives a yellow card and misses the final. There England loses against Germany with 4:5 on penalties.

Hermann Maier, 14th February, 2007, Åre. Ski World Cup. Maier ranks 21st at the giant slalom.

Mary Decker, 10th August, 1984, Los Angeles. Olympic Games, 3,000 meter final. Decker looses his gold medal after tangeling with Zola Budd.

John Terry, 21st May 2008, Moskow. Champions League Final. Terry slips as he takes a penalty in the shootout and the ball hits the right-hand post.

Michael Ballack, 21st May 2008, Moskow. Champions League Final. FC Chelsea looses 5:6 against Manchester United in the penalty shootout.

Peter Müller, Peter Müller, 14th February, 1956, Portland. Müller stumbles over Jimmy Martinez' foot and hits the boxing ring post with his head. Unable to coninue the fight Müller loses through technical knockout.

Janine Beermann, Fanny Rinne, 22nd August 2008, Bejing. Olymic Games, hockey third-place play off. Germany looses 1-3 against Argentine.