African Governance Architecture


Good governance and respect for human rights are essential preconditions for peaceful and sustainable growth in Africa. They are therefore also a key focus of the African Union and German development cooperation's activities. National governments and regional communities support and are committed to safeguarding human rights and democratic governance. However, when it comes to implementing these, they often fail to fulfil their undertakings, not least because of the lack of effectiveness of their institutions.

To overcome those difficulties, GIZ developed a series of campaign material to be used internally as well as externally; to inform press, politicians and decision makers as well as to train election observers on site. For the campaign I created the visual concept as well as all motifs around the topic "Election in the African Union". To ensure maximum versatility for the implementation and production I created a toolset of 4 main collage motifs as well as several isolated images showing detailed views. All elements could be used independently as well as in combination and be produced in various sizes for different media.

Above: the four main motifs.
Below: isolated details.