Schiefe Bahn

Neon Magazin

Lead Award winning visual essay about drug dealing kids in Berlin's tube stations.
The metro line U8 is Berlin's most frequented drug trafficking hotspot for heroine. Police and politics seem to be helpless to fight this problem as long as the dealers are eleven year-old kids: Having been brought to Germany from countries such as the Lebanon they are too young to be arrested or taken to court.

For the German magazine “Neon” Patrick Bauer and I tried to get a deeper look into the daily business life of those kids. To start, we went underground and secretely researched for days in the tube and its surroundings: Patrick tried to find some children not too afraid of talking and I created loads of on-location scribbles.

After the kids became nervous thinking that we were undercover police agents and started alerting eachother, I stopped my research and discussed a selection of over 40 scribbles with the magazine's art director Jonas Natterer. After deciding on five of those sketches I reworked them in my studio and created the final artwork with ink.