The State of Grieving

Süddeutsche Zeitung Magazin

Facing all the events of terror, losses of beloved stars and honored politicians it's a tough choice how we spread our compassion and grief. This is a list of cities where terror took place since the terror attack last year on a Berlin Christmas market: Oklahoma Damaskus LaschkarGah Brussel London Paris Gardes Bogota Kabul KerbelaTeheran Melbourne Portland al-Minya Manchester Gardez Mailand CampShaheen Raschidin Diyarbakir Stockholm Alexandria St.Petersburg Antwerpen NewYork Paris-Orly Olathe Bagdad Xinjiang Lahore Louvre Bogota Quebec Parachinar al-Arisch Jerusalem Asas Göteborg Izmir Istanbul Berlin.
According to which circumstanced the society states their condolence and participation?